Tips to save on Plumbing Costs in Miami

plumbing Miami - ORRIt’s a fact that some homeowners hold back from hiring a professional plumber because of the cost. While it’s true that several emergency repairs can be costly when damage is significant, some minor and major repairs are affordable if you know where to get them. To help you save on repairs and installation for you home in Florida, follow my advice:

  • To save on huge repair bills, be sure to address minor issues at the first sign of a problem. If you let an issue get out of hand rather than fix it while it is still small, you may face bigger repair costs than you would have if you had taken care of the problem early on.
  • Learn basic plumbing skills such as unclogging a toilet and replacing parts of a plumbing fixture or appliance. When you know how to do simple troubleshooting, you might not need to hire a technician at all. Doing easy repairs on your own can save you big bucks. Just remember to do anything with caution and know when it’s time to let go and let the experts do all the work.
  • For complicated problems, call plumbing experts in Miami. They will do a thorough inspection of your place, diagnose the problem and offer long-lasting solutions. Before hiring, be sure to ask the contractors for proof of license and insurance. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Be sure also to search for a reputable and honest company offering affordable services. Don’t get ripped off by contractors pretending to be what they are not.

I hope through these tips will you find the perfect technician in your area. If you’re looking for a company that’s known for its professional toilet repair and other quality services, there’s no better plumbing service provider than Douglas Orr Plumbing. Call them today at (305) 887-1687. They are available anytime so don’t hesitate to call whenever you need them!

3 Things You Can Do With Your Leftover Pig Roast

pig roastingAre you tired of eating pig roast over and over again when you have a nearly unlimited supply of the food? Why not try mixing it up a little and turn your previous dinner into an entirely new dish for the following days?

Every mother and any home-owner knows how difficult it is to earn money for food. So why waste a good pork roast? Instead of throwing it away or giving it to your dog, you should look for recipes where you can make the pork roast into something much tastier.

  1. Shredded Pork Enchiladas

An enchilada is a great choice when remaking your leftover meat. Like the classic Mexican original, you would need a corn tortilla to accomplish its authentic taste. After that, simply shred your leftover pork and use it as a filling for your enchiladas. This recipe works best for simple roast as you can easily whip it up into an enchilada that would suit your taste by adding garlic, cumin, and chili powder.

  1. Pulled Pork with Strawberry BBQ Sauce

After doing a Mexican remake, you should also try Americanizing further your pork roast. Since your pork is already cooked when it was roasted, you’re already halfway through this recipe even without lifting a finger. The next thing you need to do is mix together the ingredients for the sauce. Let it simmer for a bit until it reaches a thick consistency and use it on your pork. This recipe is best served with your favorite roll.

  1. Roast Pork Spicy Tomato Sauce over Pasta: Nothing says leftover remake better than pasta! To make this widely famous Italian dish, mix in chopped pork roast with tomato sauce. Cook it until you get a good consistency and pour it over your choice of pasta.

Remember: There is no shame in redoing leftovers especially if you have an awesome partner in the kitchen like La Caja China’s roaster.

If you haven’t tried their product yet, you can view videos of demos and testimonials on why this product is indispensable to any kitchen. Check them out at their website at

24 Hour Plumbing Service in Chicago to Fix Cloudy Water Issues

24 hour plumbing service ChicagoYou go to the kitchen, fill a glass with tap water and what do you get – “Cloudy Water.” Almost everyone has experienced this problem at one time or another. To put your mind at ease, this is never really safety or health issue. However, it’s never very attractive and is often troublesome. When this happens you should find the cause so you could do something about it. Professional plumbers in Chicago IL suggest you look at the following potential causes.

  • The water heater – cloudy water would mean there’s something wrong with your water heater. Over time mineral deposits of magnesium and calcium can accumulate in the tank. When this happens it’s best to call in a Cooper city professional plumbing expert to come in the flush out your water heater.
  • Pipe corrosion – When you have cloudy water from both cold and hot water taps, this could indicate that your pipes are corroded.
  • City issues – Sometimes the problem comes from city water supply lines. If this happens you can solve the issue by getting a water filtration system installed.

In the case of pipe corrosion or water heater problems in Chicago you need to call in a local plumbing expert to come in and maintain or fix the problem. But when the issue is a city problem your best bet may be to install a good whole house water filtration system.  However, choosing the right filtration system for your Chicago IL home could be a bit of a chore as there are so many to choose from. That’s why we’ve listed  a guideline to hep you select the right filtration system.

Bottom Line

If you haven’t had a qualified certified plumber come in and inspect your Chicago home plumbing system in a while, and you suddenly have cloudy tap water, you should have a specialist coming in to inspect your system. The problem may be a city issue, but even if this is the case, you’ll want to install  a good water filtration system; and you should do this with the help of a professional plumber. Remember when it comes to plumbing, something as harmless as cloudy tap water may be an indication of something more serious.

Yummy Spit Roast Pig with Herbs and Chilli

roast pig on a spitWant to try roasting a pig on a spit? Sounds like a huge challenge! But where do you begin? Here’s a yummy recipe you can try on your next gathering!


  • 2 gallons approx. 32 cups of water
  • 1 cup of granulated sugar
  • 30 pieces of unpeeled garlic cloves crushed
  • 1 teaspoon of crushed hot red pepper
  • 1 gallon approx. 16 cups of apple juice
  • 4 pounds of unsalted butter
  • 1 sweet onion white chopped coarsely
  • 5 pieces of garlic cut in two horizontally
  • 6 of thyme sprigs and 4 of sage sprigs and 2 rosemary sprigs
  • 2 cups canola or vegetable oil
  • 1 cup of garlic salt
  • 1 cup of lemon pepper
  • 1 cup of mild chilli powder 1 cup of ground fresh black pepper
  • 1 bunch of thyme
  • 1 bunch of sage
  • 1 bunch of marjoram
  • 1 bunch of rosemary
  • 1 cup of honey
  • Juice or syrup of 1 lemon
  • 1 tablespoon of red wine vinegar
  • 1⁄4 cup chopped flat- leaf parsley
  • 4 garlic cloves grated and peeled on a Micro plane grater
  • 1 recipe of Herb Sauce
  • Fresh black pepper coarsely ground


  1. You will need a large meat injector; a spit 40 quart capacity cooler; enough ice to fill the cooler; 125 to 150 pounds of brick charcoal; fireproof gloves; fire extinguisher, and one large table for work surface.
  2. Use all the ingredients of injection and let it sit for 24 hours for the flavours to get into the pork.
  3. Check whether the coals are properly placed to cook the pig and the skin should begin to sweat lightly which will start rendering the fat. Make sure the sweating and rendering is not too aggressive or less.
  4. Keep on adding about 9 pounds of coal per hour depending on the weather conditions.
  5. After a couple of hours use an industrial size roll plastic wrap and tie it on one end of the spit letting it to move naturally till the pig is completely wrapped. The pork will be injected with water between the wraps and skin in order to be water tight. Use 1 to 2 gallons of water using injecting needle. Cook for 4 hours continuously.
  6. Then, carefully remove the plastic wrap without tearing the skin and use your hands to smear the seasoning blend over the meat covering all the areas.
  7. Cook for an hour and brush with butter every 30 minutes and continue to cook until the internal temperature is 165 degrees F for 4 hours. Cook for another 30 minutes to tighten the glaze and cut the meat directly. Your spit roasting a pig is ready to serve hot.

If you prefer to cook a whole hog hassle free in 4 hours or less, then purchase your very own roasting box. Visit now!

How Much Is The Septic Tank Cleaning in West Roxbury?

septic tank cleaning west roxburyYour septic tank is a major role player in your home’s plumbing system. It’s responsible for holding and treating all the sewage that you produce. Yes, all the soiled water from the sink, your toilet and all the drains you have at home go straight into the tank. However, you have to remember that it can only hold so much. So if you are in the habit of using too much water, you might want to lessen that now. Another maintenance measure you should consider is having your tank pumped out regularly. This way, it won’t get filled up and backflows will be prevented.

If you are thinking of doing the septic tank cleaning yourself, think again. Unlike clogged drains, septic tanks are full of waste and dangerous gases and could cause an explosion if not handled properly. For everyone’s safety, it is recommended that a plumbing professional cleans the septic tank.

According to most articles, septic tanks has to be cleaned once every year. This is true. Another factor that you should consider when it comes to frequency of pumping is how much water is being used at home. The more people living in your house, the higher your water consumption and the more important it is to have your tank pumped. On another note, I know that one of the things you’ll worry about is the cost of such a plumbing service. Find a reliable plumbing company that would provide you an estimate.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my blog about septic tank pumping cost in West Roxbury. Also, check out this article that features septic tank maintenance tips to ensure that your septic system will always be in tip-top shape. If you need to have your tank pumped out now, just call Plumbers 911 Boston  for efficient, reliable, and immediate plumbing solutions in West Roxbury.

HVAC Services for a Kansas City Facility

Kansas City summer seasons can be hot as well as our winter times get very chilly. It is very important to have your HVAC unit checked as well as cleaned by a group of certified experts every spring in order to make sure that your temperature control system is working when you require it. The certified group of professionals at Plumbers 911 Kansas are qualified, well-trained and also have hundreds of hours of experience in preserving all makes and also designs of AIR CONDITIONING systems.

HVAC services kansas city

Few homeowner ever considered their heating and cooling as well as heating system up until it stops working. The last thing you and your family members requirement is for your device to go on the blink on a 90-degree day or when there is 3 inches of snow on the ground. But, if your A/C unit does malfunction, you could rest assured that we will have the ability to determine the issue and also repair it quickly as well as cost effectively. For HVAC Services in Kansas City, call a reliable technician.

Most malfunctions can be prevented with a professional annual upkeep schedule. At Plumbers 911 Kansas, we gladly set our customers up with a yearly springtime maintenance plan so that we come to you annually to do the recommended COOLING AND HEATING maintenance plan. A participant of our group will extensively examine your system to check for any kind of parts that may hang, used or not working properly. Your liquid degrees will certainly additionally be examined and also will be rounded off so that a lack of fluid will certainly not impact your system’s capability to keep your residence at a comfortable temperature level. The device will certainly be taken apart and also cleansed completely. With time, particles, dust, and also insects can congest your unit. This can influence the air conditioning function and also could drive up your energy costs.

Licensed Kansas plumbing contractors think about your HEATING AND COOLING system to ensure that you never need to. Get in touch with us today and also allow us take wonderful treatment of your heating and cooling as well as home heating demands.

Blocked Toilet Repair Guidelines

Blocked Toilet Repair
Blocked Toilet Repair

Are you knowledgeable enough to mend your leaking or clogged toilet? How will you deal with it in case you are faced with such dilemmas?

This article here will help you understand how to deal with toilet repairs and any common toilet problems to ease up your burden.I urge you to take the time and educate yourself.

You wouldn’t want to be in a position where you have zero idea of how you’re going to solve the problem and what’s worse is if you don’t have enough money to hire someone professionally inclined to do that certain task.


Unclogging a Toilet Trap

There’s a Clog in the Toilet’s Trap

It’s ease to assess if the clog is in the toilet’s trap or further down in the main stack. Toilets and lavatory sinks almost always drain out into the same stack, so if the sink is running fine, then the problem lies in the toilets trap.

Anything from paper towels to feminine hygiene products can cause the trap to clog. These items should never be flushed down the toilet. Conversely, disposable wipes, even those labeled flushable, should never be flushed. They simple do not break down enough to fit down the trap, and will eventually clog it.

People with small children are probably familiar with kids preoccupation with the toilet. Foreign objects, like a happy meal toy, will also cause a clog. Children are not the only culprits however. Most people don’t want to touch toilet water. So when they drop, say nail clippers in the toilet, their first instinct is to flush rather than retrieve the item. They are usually surprised when the clippers are flushed out with the water. So what to do when you determine you have a clog in the trap.


I assume that you are now somehow oriented when it comes to trouble shooting your toilet. However, evading adversities is still best advised rather than trying to fix something that could have been avoided. One perfect example is learning how to avoid a clogged toilet. Take note of these great steps in maintaining your toilet to enjoy its functionality.


Tips on How to Avoid a Clogged Toilet Nightmare!

There are a variety of plumbing nightmares that can cause you to lose sleep and really disrupt your daily routine. A backed up sink is a hassle, a toilet that won’t stop running can be frustrating, and almost nothing is as irritating as a blocked toilet that requires a professional plumber. If you have ever experienced a plumbing disaster, there are some simple tips you can follow to prevent it from every occurring again!

Use a Small Garbage Can for Trash

Next to your toilet, place a small garbage can lined with either a small trash bag or one of those plastic bags that you get from the grocery store. With the trash being located next to the toilet, you are more likely to dispose of wet wipes, diapers, heavy tissues, and other non-toilet paper products properly. By using bags from the grocery store, your garbage can stays cleans.

Take this one step further and store unused bags under the bathroom vanity, or right next to your toilet paper, for easy access to replacement bags. The key is to make maintenance of the garbage can as easy as possible. By throwing these items in the trash, you are giving your plumbing system a break from being overloaded with products that don’t break down as quickly as toilet paper.


For more effective plumbing repairs and maintenance, trust only the most reliable and most experience plumbing company – Plumbers911! where emergency plumbing service is just one click away!



Dade County FL Drain Unblocking Tips

Dade County FL Drain Unblocking
Dade County FL Drain Unblocking

Here are some important tips on how to unclog a slow sin drain in your Miami Florida home. Read below and follow the simple steps, so the next time you encounter the same problem you won’t hitting and missing again.

This in only for those of you who want to DIY and want to save money instead of hiring somebody who has the experience in plumbing.

This article below could be very helpful for you. Remember, you can thin about doing it yourself first before considering calling in a professional plumber.

How to Fix a Slow Sink Drain

A slow sink drain is a very common plumbing problem. The bathroom sink is most frequently affected by this particular problem. There are several things that can contribute to a slow sink drain. Often the pop-up that is used to stop up the sink can collect a lot of hair and debris as the sink is used on a daily basis. Also, soap and other products that are washed down the drain can slowly collect in the drain pipes. The build-up that naturally collects over time reduces the size of the drain effectively slowing the progress of draining water. All of the things that cause a slow sink drain happen naturally over time and can not usually be avoided. The only thing to be done is to periodically clean the drain to keep it flowing.


Here;s how experts do it so you’ll have an idea. Read below and and learn the guidelines. Although I’m not suggesting you do this step yourself but it’s imperative that you know different methods in unclogging your drains. Read on and educate yourself.


Unblock Drains – How the Experts Do it

Isn’t it a big problem if your drain is not functioning well? You simply cannot do your chores properly with drains being clogged. We homeowners usually try different methods to unblock the drains, and resolve the problem ourselves, however sometimes, it creates a bigger problem if we didn’t fix it right. Times when ordinary first aid plumbing does not work, it is best to call your favorite plumber right away.

There are several methods to unblock drains. The use of cleaning agents, such as bleach or a simple soft drink, is usually utilized by homeowners as plumbing first aid to loosening up the drains. Soft drinks, when poured down to clogged drains, have carbonates which causes particles to break down. This may not be 100% effective, but it can sometimes help eliminate the blockage. Bleach is probably one of the most common cleaning agents used to unblock drains. It has a strong component that breaks down the sediments that causes the blockage in your drainage.

Another method and the most common to unblock drains is the use of a plunger. The plunger acts as a vacuum to loosen up excessive material that causes the blockage, and would usually clear out the drain.


For more complicated tasks, trust only the number one plumbing company in South Florida, Plumbers911! Where emergency plumbing service is just one click away!



Miami FL Tips on Searching for Plumbing Supplies Online

Plumbing Supply Online in Miami FL
Plumbing Supply Online in Miami FL

Can’t seem to figure out where to purchase your plumbing supplies that are not only elegant in style but also will last for a long time? Searching for your perfect plumbing supplies for your Miami FL home will be more convenient if you do it online.

It is because you can just browse through the internet and pick the ones that you desire and you can compare the prices as well. Rather than going to one home improvement store to another and just end up tiring yourself after a long search.

Chances are you won’t be able to focus anymore since you are exhausted and won’t be able to compare the prices and check the quality of the plumbing materials. Bottom line, you still might buy the ones that are not really practical.

Buying Plumbing Repair Parts

Getting plumbing repair parts can be tricky and costly. Where can you get repair parts for a faucet, shower, toilet, or basically any fixture in the house? Well, you can go to a hardware store, home improvement store, plumbing supply house or even order from the internet. But have you ever thought about contacting the manufacturer directly? The manufacturer can be a great source for plumbing repair parts for just about any type of repair.

If your particular plumbing problem is not an emergency you can simply call the customer service number for the manufacturer of the fixture that needs a repair. Dealing with a manufacturer can give you new respect for their line of products. It always amazes me how helpful they are at identifying the type of problem you are having and then finding the right repair part. Most manufacturers will assist you with ordering replacement parts and many times the parts will be sent to you completely free if they are covered in the warranty. Most manufacturers want you to be happy with their products and continue to buy them. If you have a bad experience when ordering or getting help it is likely you will not want to deal with them in the future and may want to avoid that manufacturer’s products all together.

Here’s another great way to purchase your plumbing supplies online. As I have mentioned earlier, searching online is more convenient since you don’t have to tire yourself in searching from different places. Through online, you can search, compare and choose the plumbing fittings that you need. So, by the time you visit the company, you know already what to buy. You can also choose to order it for delivery depending  on the company if they have this kind of option. Continue reading below and learn these important guidelines to make your life easier.


Plumbing Supply – A Better Technique to buy Them Online

It is obvious that some times we have to face problems in our house and the most common of them is plumbing problems. It has also been noticed that people feel a lot of trouble while repairing these products at home on their own. Moreover, searching for an expert mechanic for this kind of repairing is quite difficult for most of the people.

Therefore, experts suggest that finding plumbing supplies through online search engines is quite easy and helpful. Most of the people including me also tried this technique and found it quite handy. All you have to do is to search a perfect site and make deals with the dealer regarding plumbing supplies and other useful items that are necessary for plumbing.

To tell you the truth, searching and buying such products from online stores is not a bad idea or it is not such a difficult task to find appropriate items. Fortunately, there are hundreds of websites easily available on internet and you can find a large variety of plumbing supplies without any difficulty. Different plumbing gears are available on these online stores and the price range of these products is also affordable. Thus, online searching and buying of plumbing gears is the best solution for those who can not visit shop to buy such type of items.


To make our job easier, contact Douglas Orr Plumbing and you can surely depend on this experienced and most reputable plumbing company in Dade County Florida for all your plumbing concerns.



Miami FL Bathtub Plumbing Information

Miami FL Bathtub Plumbing
Miami FL Bathtub Plumbing

Probably one of the most popular parts of the bathroom is the bathtub. Many people would prefer to have it in what other would call their sanctuary. Who wouldn’t want to dip in and relax in a hot tub after a long stressful day at work?

But what if your precious bathtub started giving you problems such as clogged drains or leaky taps? Are you ready to hire somebody who’s professional and have this fixed? What if you’re on tight budget at the moment? This is the main reason that is why I decided to write this and share this very useful article to you.

I have also dealt with bathtub problems and take it from me, it is not easy unless you find some information that will really be very useful like this. Read on and learn very important information about Miami FL bathtub plumbing to save you from stress and from spending too much money.

How to Fix a Leaking Bathtub Faucet

Leakage in the bathroom is a big issue especially when you have to pay a high water bill. Leakage, whether it is minor or major is not good for the bathroom. It leads to several problems that over a period can become quite costly to fix. Some of the issues, which are related to the leakage in the bathtub or bathroom, are:

– Water wastage: The larger the leak is the more water will be wasted. Even though you are not using the bathtub spout, it will keep on allowing seepage through the leaking corners.

– Rusting of faucet: You might be using a good quality faucet but if it stays in contact with the water for long time, especially unwanted usage, it can be rusting. The faucet joints will develop rusty patches thus resulting in the need to loosen the faucet to prevent further damage.


Here’s another article that I found before and actually helped me a lot. Now, I want to share with you as I know that it is not easy to be in a situation where you are unsure of what to do. It would have been easier of course if money was not an object. However, things nowadays are tough and when it comes to spending especially if you are uncertain of how much will it cost – planning is always a good step. Then, again, what if the situation could not wait anymore? So Read and learn how to unclog your bathtub in your Dade County FL home.


How To Unclog a Stopped Up or Slow Running Bathtub Drain

Bathtub drains become blocked with hair, soap scum, dirt and other debris, which usually occurs in the middle of a shower or after a bath. When that happens, the drain will slow down or even clog completely. A homeowner can unclog a stopped up or slow running bathtub drain so it drains as it should without the need to call in the professional plumber.


Look no further and choose only the trusted and most reliable plumbing company in Miami FL for all your plumbing needs, Plumbers 911! Flush all your plumbing problems down the drain.